No need to fill Deposit slips at Diamond bank branches


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Posted by on Friday August 12, 2016 at 8:53:44:

Diamond bank of Nigeria is doing something new and it's something I would say is a green initiative. You no longer need to fill deposit slips before paying money or making deposits to a Diamond bank account as all you need is the account number and your cash.

I recently walked into a Diamond bank branch to pay money to a business partner and when I asked for the deposit slip from the security man who was inside, he told me that they don't use deposit slips as I should just join the queue to deposit my money. Wow! Imagine how much time that just saved me.

If all Nigerian banks no longer required people to fill in deposit slips which takes about 2 minutes of their precious time, they could be able to attract more customers.

One good thing that makes me happy about Diamond bank's Deposit slip free initiative is that it eliminates the need for paper and this can contribute to reducing the cutting down of trees in our world since they are used to make paper. So, their deposit slip free banking is a green initiative.

Another thing that came to my mind concerning this their new modus operandi was that it actually saves them money that may have been used in printing the deposit slips in the first place and we know they have to print 3 copies each for a single transaction. So, it actually saves them money. Paperless banking is the way to go for Nigerian banks as long as they also issue a receipt to customers who pay cash.

The third good thing about their Deposit slip free banking is that it saves time for customers and this would allow them spend less time at the bank and more time for themselves. Personally, I don't like spending too much time at the bank most especially on a queue which gets even worse when there is a large crowd at the bank which includes people with body odour. Yes, I really hate to be in a crowd of people some of whom may have body odour.

For many Nigerians who are old such as my parents, this is also a good thing as they would not have to waste time filling paper or standng on the queue just to deposit money.

All you need to do is come to the bank with the account number and cash written down or memorized in your head and give that information to the bank cashier who will then proceed to credit the account and issue you a cash payment receipt afterwards which you'd sign on. It is that easy.

Personally, I don't like going into banking halls nowdays just to deposit money unless it is really big money as I try making use of cash deposit ATMs which work 24 hrs every day including Sundays. I only go to bank when I have to and with this Diamond bank slip free banking service, I would make an exception.

Make God bless Diamond bank well well. Dem don try.

So, when next you want to visit a Diamond bank branch in Nigeria to deposit money, don't be a JJC trying to fill in a deposit slip. Just walk to a bank teller and pay them cash while also informing them the account number you want to pay money to.

Re: No need to fill Deposit slips at Diamond bank branches Reply by Chika on Saturday August 13, 2016 at 13:55:22:

Good, so I no longer need to reserve my spot on a queue just to first of all fill in a ridiculous deposit slip that asks for other non necessary personal information such as my address and phone number. I wish other banks will follow suit

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