How does one get bank alert notification outside Nigeria?


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Posted by on Saturday October 8, 2016 at 11:51:1:

One of the questions someone recently asked me about bank alerts was how to keep receiving bank alerts even when he is outside the country.

Well, for those who are subscribed to receiving bank alerts at their bank, I know that banks normally deliver it through SMS and email. For those who are subscribed through SMS, they can keep getting SMS alerts if their network provider has allowed them access to it and I guess it's for people who have signed up for global roaming services. It costs a bit more than local SMS in Nigeria.

For those who are subscribed to email alerts at their bank, they would keep receiving bank alerts at the email address they have already registered with the bank. It's cheaper to use email alerts than SMS alerts as far as I know since it's free.

You should note that if you want to be receiving transaction alerts from your bank, you should have initially subscribed for the service while in Nigeria and ensure that it's working so that when you are outside Nigeria and still want to keep receiving it, it will be possible or you.

You can also use mobile banking apps on your phone to check your bank transactions details and know your account balance.

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