GTBANK's 1-click Top up service is commendable


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Posted by on Saturday August 2, 2014 at 8:52:32:

It's really amazing with the way banks in Nigeria are releasing new products that makes like easier for customers.

One really innovative product which GTbank has recently released to customers is the 1-click Top up service.

What is the 1-click Top up service? Well, in GTbank, it's a service that allows bank customers to load airtime credit onto their phones by simply dialing a USSD code.

Yes, it's really that easy. All you have to do is for instance: dial *737*1000# if you want to load an airtime credit of N1000 to your phone.

It works by dialing *737*AMOUNT# using the mobile phone you've already registered with GTBank.

If you ask me, I think this is a cool service and I've not heard of any other bank that is offering this service for now as it seems GTBank is the first.

To tell you the truth, Nigerians like me are getting tired of the old way of loading airtime credit by first of all buying a scratch card, scratching the recharge card and then entering and dialing a USSD code which would also include the 14 or 16 digit PIN just to load airtime credit.

Yes, it can really be stressful especially for busy people to actually take time out just to load airtime credit from a recharge card you have to first buy and scratch just to get credited. At times, you may even end up over-scratching the card and the PIN would be erased and then you might end up calling the network provider to help you. Imagine how easier life would be if you could just load airtime from your bank account by simply dialing a code on your phone and it's a code you can remember.

Well, I've since stopped buying recharge cards and have moved on to loading airtime directly from the internet and ATM using my debit card but that also seems to have been outdated with his new GTBank service. I used sites like Quickteller, used my ATM card on ATMs and also buy airtime directly from my internet banking account. Now, I might have to move to a better service with GTbank.

How GTBank's 1-click Top up service really works is that you first need to have at least a savings account with them, register your mobile phone number too and then dial the USSD code anytime you want to load airtime credit on your phone.

Are there any hidden charges with using this service? Well, I don't think there are any because if there is, it won't be helpful to the bank and customers as people are more likely to avoid it. Besides, it seems that Telecommunication companies are looking for channels to sell their airtime and so they might even pay a commission to banks to promote sales.

One thing people might be considering is the safety of their bank account now that their mobile phones can easily do a top up. Well, one security measure I've seen on this service is that there is a daily limit of N5,000 placed on the top up service meaning that your phone can't pull more than N5,000 from your account just to buy airtime. Also, the fact that it can't be used to top up the phone of your relations, friends or contacts is also a good security measure. So, a customer who might still want to send airtime to his contacts might do so using airtime transfer channels provided by their network provider.

As a GTBank customer, all you now need to do is to dial *737*AMOUNT# and credit will be sent to you from your network via their Virtual Top up channel.

Re: GTBANK's 1-click Top up service is commendable Reply by steve on Thursday November 20, 2014 at 9:43:11:

I used this service yesterday. Believe me! I think it is one of coolest things GTB has ever done! Kudos!

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