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Posted by on Tuesday December 17, 2013 at 12:9:42:

UBA direct is another name for UBA's internet banking service and it is an online banking service that allows UBA customers to access their bank accounts using the internet.

There are quite a lot of things one can do with a UBA direct account and this post is just to list some of them :

Things you can do
1. Transfer money to another bank: Also called inter-bank transfer. You can transfer money to another bank account outside of UBA and it may be your own account or another person's own. This is a cool way for moving money or making payments to your business partners. You can even send money to friends and families using it. Just enter the account number and bank, confirm it using the system and then make a secure transfer.

2. Transfer money to another account the same bank: This is called intra-bank transfer and it's a sort of service that allows you to transfer money to another account within the same bank. With a UBA direct account, you can easily do this with a click of a button.

3. Pay for electricity bills: Bills for electric services from companies like PHCN can be paid using your UBA direct account. You can even buy PHCN tokens online and have it delivered to your mobile phone. You just need to log in, provide the meter number and you'd be able to make payments on behalf of your account without the need to go to the office of the power company physically.

4. Pay your Cable tv subscription: One of the periodic bills which people are used to paying is their cable tv service. With UBA direct, you can make payment for your DSTV or other cable subscription before they expire and all you need are your smart card number and sufficient funds.

4. Buy airtime credit: This is one of the reasons I personally love using the UBA direct service. You can buy airtime for yourself or for others using your bank account and you can do this at home or office as long as you have internet service. You can buy for yourself or for others and you'd get a direct virtual top up credit for the airtime amount that was purchased. All local GSM networks are supported on this platform.

5. Checking your bank statement: Are you confused about what really happened in your bank account. Perhaps someone made payment and you didn't get an alert or just want to confirm. If you just want to get a feel of what's in your bank account, you no longer have to visit the bank or call customer service to tell you but with UBA direct, you can check your account balance and periodic bank statements on the internet.

There are other things you can do with your UBA direct account and these includes:

- Contacting customer service
- Requesting for special services
- Pay for airline tickets e.g. Lufthansa
- Fund mobile money account. e.g. Stanbic, Readycash and so on.

If you bank with UBA and you are not using the free service called UBA direct, you are missing a lot.


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