Disappointing Monday: QuickTeller and GTBank's 1-click service


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Posted by on Tuesday October 14, 2014 at 10:3:48:

Monday was a very disappointing day for me as I tried doing something I normally do but it was not successful.

It's been a long time since I actually visited a recharge card seller to buy cards but I had to do it on Monday after trying out GTbank's 1-click service as well as Quickteller's website but ended up getting disappointed. It seems as if Interswitch went on a break that day as most transactions I tried to do online with my card or with GTbank was not working well.

I first tried Gtbank's 1-click service since it was easier and all one needed to do to get airtime credit is to dial *737*. I tried it about 5 times but it was not successful and yet my account was debited without any reversal done on it. I guess I now have to go through the extra stress of calling or emailing customer service just to get a manual reversal and credit to my account.

I later went to Quickteller's website, a cool site that allows me to pay for bills such as NEPA, GSM, DSTV and so on. Quickteller took me through a longer process and in the end, they still did not give me any GSM Top up for either MTN or Glo. I was just wondering what happened? Was it because it was a busy Monday? Has the bank network or Interswitch crashed?

Even as I write this post, Quickteller and GTbank's 1-Click service are no longer working and I'm wondering how I'm going to keep buying airtime or PHCN meter tokens if this continues for the long term.

I just think it's a temporary issue and may be resolved soon.

I am ok with Quickteller's service because they reversed the debit to my bank account but not really happy with GTbank's 1-click service for not automatically reversing the debit to my account since there was no service rendered.

Re: Disappointing Monday: QuickTeller and GTBank's 1-click service Reply by OYENIYI UTHMAN on Sunday December 6, 2015 at 17:30:54:


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