GTBank Email Scam: Hackers want to steal your money


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Posted by on Wednesday June 11, 2014 at 10:19:58:

First of all, what you should know about email scams relating to GTBank is that they will want to take you to another website that is not

The online official website for GTbank is!

If you have a bank account with GTBank and are subscribed to their internet banking service, the chances of hackers getting into your bank account and hence stealing your money would be high if you are the kind of person that doesn't know much about email scams.

It works like this: A hacker sends an email to you pretending to be from Gtbank and asking you to go to a website where you can log into your internet banking account for one reason of the other. If you follow the link and truly log into your GTBank account, your username and password will be stolen and then can be used remotely by the hackers to steal money from your bank.

I've been receiving many emails like that in the past supposedly from GTbank encouraging me to visit my internet banking account and just do something. Since I knew about email scams like this and it was even popular among students in Nigerian universities, I just don't bother clicking on the links provided.

Clicking on links in your email box will take you to a hacking page that will then ask you to provide your GTbank username and password. That is especially the case if it were from scammers and not from GTB.

Don't do it.

Even though GTBank might contact you from time to time, they will not want you to follow links in your email since this is a common method hackers normally use to trick internet bank customers.

You know the official website for GTbank and if there are any promotions or updates, you should first go to the official website to check what's up and only log in from there.

Here is a sample of an email scam I recenttly received supposedly from GTBank

Subject: Account Suspension notice

Body: "Dear Valued customer,


As part of our continuous efforts towards providing you with excellent customer service and ensuring efficiency in
transaction processing, we request that you kindly update your records with the Bank by going to

This update will help us to prevent any unauthorized or illegal use of our customers identity and to confirm that you are
truly the owner of the account you are operating. Failure to update your account now will lead to termination of your account and internet banking services for security reasons.
click here now( for the update.

If this message is in your spam folder kindly move the mail to your inbox to enable you click on the account update link. .

GTBank is committed to protect the identity of it's internet banking users.
Help us to serve you better. It's all about your security.

Thank you for choosing Guaranty Trust Bank Plc. "

I noticed that when one clicks the link that says "Click here now", you will be taken to a cloned GTbank website at

There might be other scam websites like the above one which might be used for scamming GTbank customers who use internet banking but the bottom line is that they might want you to send money or tell you to go to a fake Gtbank website that is not located at Don't do it.

If a hacker gets into your internet banking account, they could do a lot of things such as transfer money to a third party, transfer money to ATM, buy airtime and so on.

It might even be safer to avoid subscribing to internet banking in the first place in case you want to avoid it totally. However, if you are using GTbank's internet banking, don't just log into any website other than and don't share your password with any other person.

    Re: GTBank Email Scam: Hackers want to steal your money Reply by Aji on Sunday June 15, 2014 at 20:5:14:

    Good one from you

Re: GTBank Email Scam: Hackers want to steal your money Reply by Ajah Peter O. on Friday November 21, 2014 at 9:44:13:

I am a student of Osmania University, Law
College India. I run an account with Granty
Trust Bank I have been
experiencing difficulties in withdrawn with
Master Card (ATM) for sometime now,Currently my balance is 10,000 Naria but I can't withdraw it, this account
is my only means of paying my School fee. I
here by request for the ratification of the
problem. I look forward for your positive reply.

Yours faithfully
Ajah Peter O.

Re: GTBank Email Scam: Hackers want to steal your money Reply by Felix Okoli on Friday November 21, 2014 at 9:44:13:

I think it depends on how much yo uare trying to withdraw. Since you in India, the US dollar equivalent available on your account would be less than $100. Have you tried withdrawing something within $10? It may be that you have insufficient balance and so the bank would normally reject the request.

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