Paying for Land use charge at the bank in Lagos took me 30 minutes


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Posted by on Tuesday March 10, 2015 at 17:26:27:

Paying for Land use charge at the bank in Lagos was not an easy thing for me to do as I don't normally spend ad much time as I did when visiting a bank. I actually went to a new generation bank that had few customers with the hope of saving time but still, they did not offer me a fast service. It was much easier depositing or cashing money at the bank than paying for land use charge. I don't know why it happened and I'm not sure if it's the normal thing people normally experience when paying for tenement rate or land use charge in Lagos.

The land use charge I paid was for my Dad and it was necessary that we paid early so as to avoid any penalties. People who pay much earlier for their land use charge in Lagos tend to get about 15% discount on the amount billed to them.

One of the things the tax payer has to do first is to read the printed bill. You have to first know your tax payer ID and how much you are meant to pay at the bank before visiting and then take the right amount of money with you to the bank. You could pay with cash or cheque.

There are also a couple of codes printed on the land use charge bill that would have to be included in the teller when paying at the bank. This will allow the payment made to be credited properly to the tax payer's account.

How I paid the Land use charge at the bank:

1 - I identified the amount payable and added some extra to round it up. So, instead of paying just N5365, one could pay N5500 and the credit should be carried forward

2 - I visited one of the banks listed on the printed bill notice along with your bill and means of payment

3 - I collected the special Land use charge teller from the bank

4 - I filled the teller with the specified details and codes printed on the your land use charge bill e.g. Payer ID , Revenue code, Agency code, Notice Number, etc

5 - I filled the amount you want to pay. One don't have to fill the exact amount in kobo since bank will not give you change but you can add some extra but it should not be less than your bill. I think one can also pay with cheque or a card using a POS machine.

6 - I gave the money and filled teller to the receiving bank cashier

7 - The bank cashier accepted my payment, tore and kept a part, stamped my bill and also gave me a copy of the stamped bill with a copy of the teller.

8 - The bank teller proceeded to printing a coloured land use charge receipt for the payment

9 - He handed me the a coloured revenue receipt after it was printed.

The next step involves notifying the Lagos state Land use charge office that you've paid and you can do this by sending a photocopy of the bank teller and stamped bill to their office physically or by email to admin at landusecharge dot com.

Has anyone had an experience with paying land use charge in Lagos? How was it? Is it possible to also make payments online for this charge? It would have been nice if that was possible. How long does it take to collect your land user charge revenue receipt at the bank? It took me 30 mins and I'm not happy about it.

Re: Paying for Land use charge at the bank in Lagos took me 30 minutes Reply by Segun on Monday April 27, 2015 at 2:37:37:

How do I recover my land use charge payer id that I cannot remember.

Re: Paying for Land use charge at the bank in Lagos took me 30 minutes Reply by Felix Okoli on Monday April 27, 2015 at 2:37:37:

You should go to the bank and they may be able to help you from their records.

Re: Paying for Land use charge at the bank in Lagos took me 30 minutes Reply by Bello Bashir on Tuesday October 18, 2016 at 14:59:49:

How can I print my bill online pls. I can't find the last bill and I want to make payment

Re: Paying for Land use charge at the bank in Lagos took me 30 minutes Reply by Felix Okoli on Tuesday October 18, 2016 at 14:59:49:

After making payment online, you will be able to print a receipt by clicking a link. You can choose to download it or print it immediately. If you can't find your last bill, you can still make payment by providing your property ID or code requested from you on the website.

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