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Posted by on Wednesday September 14, 2016 at 17:42:57:

I was standing on a queue this day and the main reason why I went to the bank which I rarely do was to cash a cheque because I needed to take some money from my GTbank and move to another bank for a particular purpose. The reason why I wanted to use a cheque to withdraw which I rarely do was because I needed the cash to be moved that same day rather than having to wait for many days before it's cleared at the other bank if I had deposited it directly into the destination account. Another option I had to move the money was to use a bank transfer service by simply filling a form at the bank but I wasn't used to that and didn't want the slow process. I needed the money to be moved that same day and almost immediately so I thought the best option was to move it myself in cash. Also, I don't use their internet banking for transfers since I don't have a physical token which they mostly require and not really interested in getting one.

Although I already knew about GTBank's USSD based money transfer service which works with the code *737#, I've always thought that the limit on that platform was about N20,000 per day and I wanted to move about N80,000 so I just didn't initially use it. However, while waiting on a long queue at the bank and was watching a multimedia presentation showing in a TV in their baking hall, I got the full banking code to do a money transfer to other banks and it was in the format *737*2*Amount*Account No#.

I knew the destination account offhand and just dialed the code to see if they can transfer about N80,000 and it worked. I got a response to enter the destination bank and I chose the bank by entering a number. I got another reply to enter the last 4 digits of my debit card number which I did and sent back to them. I got an immediate feedback that the money has been transferred. I was doing all this while I was on the line waiting for my turn and it was funny how I had to leave the line since I didn't need to cash the cheque again. I even remember that GTBank replied me with a message that I can now transfer up to N200,000 per day using their *737# service and this is really helpful.

I hen checked my email to see if I've received any alert and there were about three with one indicating the amount sent, another notifying me of a N100 transaction commission and the third one informing me that I've been charged a small amount for VAT. I didn't mind the charges because it was a convenient service rather than carrying money from one bank to another.

So, if you want to transfer small money from one bank to another using GTBank, just dial the *737# code. If it's to another account in GTBANK, then use the code *737*1*Amount*Account No# and if its to an entirely different bank, it is *737*2*Amount*Account No#. I

I did notice a problem with GTBank's service in the past when I tried to use it to transfer money by just dialing the *737#. I normally get an error message saying "Invalid Account Number" even though I'm sure the account number is correct. However, it seems that if you just use the full codes at once, it works. They just need to fix that glitch.

GTbank's 737 service really saves you time, helps you avoid stress and makes you do more important things with your life than waiting on a long queue at bank branches.

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