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Posted by on Saturday July 25, 2015 at 14:19:11:

One of the reasons why I love Access bank is that they tend to always make life easier for bank customers.

Nowadays, you don't have to always go into an Access bank banking hall during office hours to deposit or withdraw money as you can do this even after banking hours and on weekend by making use of their Express banking outlets.

Access bank has a growing number of Express banking outlets that allows customers to make of their electronic service even after banks have officially closed. Yes, customers can still have machines working to serve them even when humans are no longer working.

I recently visited one of their outlets at Ogunlana Drive in Surulere Lagos and found it to be awesome. It's really a big place and a bit like a banking hall but you'd not see any human being there to serve you except ATMs and other e-channels.

With Access Bank's express banking service, you can withdraw money, deposit money, make inquiries on the phone and even use internet banking services all within an air-conditioned and comfortable environment. Besides, there are a lot of ATMs available working(more than 5) and so there are hardly any queues.

The Access bank express banking office at Ogunlana Drive used to belong to Intercontinental bank but the bank had acquired it and converted it since it bought over Intercontinental bank.

Yes, you can now deposit and withdraw money, use internet banking and make inquiries on the phone using their 24 hr Express banking offices. Kudos to Access bank for helping to make the lives of ordinary Nigerians much easier.

Can everyone use this service? Well, I have to confess that it is meant for people who know how to use machines and computers and so I think it is designed for those who are at least literate enough to use ATMs because I know people who still make use of bank tellers to make withdrawals and they don't know how ATM cards work.

Anyway, for the many Nigerians who are already tired of going to banks to waste time on queues just to make deposits or withdrawals and can use machines, this is a welcome development.

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