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Posted by on Friday June 20, 2014 at 9:47:46:

Paypal, one of the world's leading online payment services, is now active in Nigeria after its launch on June 17 2014.

I recently signed up for a free Paypal Nigeria account and was able to also add my Mastercard to the account. It's working and I've already sent a payment of $10 successfully.

For those who don't know about Paypal, it's basically an onlien payment service such as Paga or Quickteller but's it's more globally accepted especially by European and American markets for the settlement of bills on the internet.

Paypal is basically a payment platform that can work with your bank account and debit/credit card. You can store money, send and receive money with a Paypal account.

One small disadvantage of the Paypal Nigeria account as at now is that Nigerians are not allowed to receive payments yet but they can send money and this will give them more access to merchants across the world who accept Paypal only.

You can make payments with the funds in your bank account even if they are in Naira as long as you have linked your Visa or Mastercard to Paypal Nigeria.

Opening an account with Paypal Nigeria is easy as it basically requires just your email address and personal details including Nigerian phone number. No need to change your IP or home address because they are now all accepted by Paypal.

Paypal had opened on several other African countries such as South Africa, Kenya and Niger even before coming to Nigeria. Paypal had shunned Nigeria in the past and It now seems that Paypal is recognizing that Nigeria is a profitable market to invest in.

So, for those who normally like making payments globally, there are now more options to do so with the entry of Paypal into African's largest economy. You are no longer limited to just your Visa or Mastercard.


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