UBA account was debited but no PHCN meter token


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Posted by on Tuesday May 6, 2014 at 12:30:9:

One of the platforms which I use to purchase PHCN credit or meter tokens for myself and friends is UBA's internet banking facility aka UBA Direct. It is a great platform that allows one to do a lot of things such as paying bills, buying GSM airtime credit and also transferring money using the internet.

With internet banking services banks like UBA offer, it saves you the time and inconvenience of physically going to the bank everytime you want to do certain things. Perhaps, a time is coming when we'll no longer need to go to our banks even to deposit money. WHo knows?

Well, on a particular public holiday, when my PHCN electric meter run out of credit, I decided to go online to UBA Direct to buy some meter tokens because the lights have gone off. After making my order, my savings account was debited but unfortunately, I did not receive the meter tokens I had ordered for.

What does someone do if he orders for meter tokens online and it doesn't get delivered? Well, the normal thing to do is to contact your service provider using the same online platform and in this case, my platform was UBA.

I had to send an email to UBA informing them of the situation and also providing details like your account name, account number, order ID, the transaction value and all those other details that were sent to your mobile phone through their SMS alert indicating that you have been charged for the service.

I sent the email to cfc@ubagroup.com and within 48 hrs, they had credited back my account and so the money was replaced.

I've also had a similar issue like that with quickteller and they responded swiftly to correct the problem.

Problems like not receive airtime credit, renewing your PAY tv service or getting PHCN meter tokens even after you've been charged for it don't normally arise all the time but if they do arise, you can always resolve the issue by contacting them through an email. An email is a more official way to make complaints online than making a voice call to them.


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