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Posted by on Tuesday March 18, 2014 at 11:47:38:

You paid in money into your banks and the experience was swift and pleasant but when it comes to withdrawing money, some banks only end up making it a frustrating experience for you. How long should you continue to bank with banks that don't satisfy your withdrawal needs?

There are many banks in Nigeria and the truth is that not all of them do offer you the right kind of service that you want. This is the beauty of competition. With many banks, you have the right to choose from a variety of banks or bank branches that would offer you the kind of service that is satisfying.

For some people, they mostly go to the bank to deposit money, for some others, they mostly go to withdraw money and for the remaining, they go to do other banking stuff like bank transfers, inquiries and so on.

There are certain banks that waste a lot of your time each time you go there to withdraw money. Well, in truth most banks in Nigeria are like that since they seem to make it really uneasy for people to withdraw their money and easier for people to pay money.

There are times when you go to a particular bank, you'd see a long queue for people waiting for make withdrawals. It doesn't make sense for you to keep banking with banks like that if you really do value your time and prefer not wasting time at the bank. Good bank managers know that people need a faster service delivery and if they are not able to provide more staff to service customers making withdrawals, it doesn't make sense to keep banking with that bank. Perhaps it time you try out other banks.

When it comes to ATM usage, there are some banks that offer a good ATM service since they have s sufficient number of these machines readily available to meed the demands of ATM users. IF your bank doesn't have enough ATMs in place to meet the rising number of customers who want to withdraw money, it's time you move to another bank.

Some banks don't even offer old people a seat to sit down in banking halls and yet there is a long queue for making withdrawals. You can't expect most people to wait on a queue for long hours without having to seat down. You deserve better.

At times it may be the insufficient number of staff, negligent staff, long queues, time wasting, non working or inefficient number of ATMs and so on. Whatever it is that your bank does that makes it inconvenient for you to withdraw your money whenever you want to can be regarded as an unsatisfactory service and It's not wise to keep banking with banks like that.


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