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Posted by on Saturday October 5, 2013 at 13:44:15:

How much tax should an employee or self employed person pay to the Nigerian government? Well, that is a question a lot of people in Nigeria would want to pay since things like tax are almost inevitable is you are a good citizen of a country

Personally, I've been looking for a way to create an online tool that would allow people irrespective of their location to estimate how much personal income tax they are to pay in Nigeria for the income they've been earning. While some of the resources I found were based on the old format, only a few were based on the 2011 PITA format.

Some of the new changes to the old tax system in Nigeria includes the introduction of the Consolidate Relief Allowance and an increase of minimum tax to 1% for those whose taxable income falls below 300k.

It's really not easy creating an online tool that would allow one to calculate his tax based on his annual income without the help of an expert but I thank God I did this.

I've been able to test it online with low income and high income earnings tax reports I've seen online and it works pretty well.

So, if you are an employee or self employed and just want to estimate how much personal income tax or PAYE you are to pay to the government, then you are welcome to use this free online tool.

Check out our Personal Income Tax Calculator here

It is still in beta state and your comments are welcome on this page.

Estimate your Personal Income tax here

Total Annual income: (includes basic salary, allowances, interest, rent, commission, fees received and other taxable income)

Allowable annual deductions: (e.g. NSITF, NHF, Pension, Expenses, Life assurance, Professional dues but excluding Consolidated Relief Allowance)


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