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Posted by on Saturday April 11, 2015 at 16:5:35:

One of the reasons why I love using Quickteller is that it is an easy to use website for transferring money from one bank to another using your ATM.

I normally make use of a Verve card which is basically a local based card that is powered by Interswitch Nigeria and works on most Nigerian e-commerce websites.

Let's assume you want to send money to another person's bank account or just another bank account of yours but don't want to go into the bank or use an ATM to do it either for safety or inconvenience reasons, doing it with your ATM card and the Quickteller website is something you should try out.

Some people also try to withdraw money from an ATM just to pay it into another person's account and I have to say that is for people who are ignorant of what they can do with Quickteller. You can now transfer money with your ATM card to any other bank in Nigeria in just minutes.

It can be hard trying to withdraw N50,000 to N100,000 or more from an ATM especially in populated areas in Nigeria like where I am and it's only advisable to just withdraw little amounts of money from an ATM.

At times, people also go into the banking hall just to do a bank transfer and for that they have to spend time, transport, fill a form and submit it before the transfer is made. With Quickteller, all you need is an internet connection and your ATM card.

I recently wanted to transfer N100k to another bank account and it was a public holiday when banks are not open for business. Sine I already had money in my account and a Verve card, I easily did it using the Quickteller website. It was successfully transferred within 2 minutes.

If I had gone to the ATM first of all to withdraw money manually and then pay into the bank account, I may have to do the withdrawal up to 5 times since ATM withdrawals in Nigeria are limited to N20k per transaction and besides, it would have been inconvenient.

With Quickteller's bank transfer service, one can easily send money to any active bank account in Nigeria without the need to carry cash or visit a bank physically and you can even do it anytime such as on weekends or working days.

One just first of all needs to get a Quickteller online account, have an ATM card and activate his ATM card for doing online transactions on the website. The only fee you have to pay is a N100 flat fee called convenience fee and I have to say, it was really a convenience worth paying for.

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