How to activate and use your Verve card for online transactions


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If you just got a Verve card from your bank, you can use it on ATMs, POS machines as well as on the internet for making online transactions.

However, you can't immediately use it on the web for making online transactions if you have nit activated it yet for such purpose. To active a Verve card for doing online transactions in Nigeria, it first needs to be enabled using an ATM.

How to activate
- Visit an ATM
- Insert your Verve card
- Change the PIN if it's your first time
- Enter your current PIN when asked
- Select your bank account type
- Select the Quickteller option from the menu
- Select to Pay bills > Others
- Enter 322222 as the Biller or Payment Code
- Enter your phone number as the Customer Reference number and proceed
- You will be asked if you want to make a payment of about N1. Agree by selecting to pay

You will receive a reply that payment has been successful.

How to use your Verve card for online transactions
After your Verve card has been activated, you can now use it to make online transactions subsequently by simply making use of a One Time Password(OTP) that is sent to your phone to complete the transaction. The OTP is also called Safetoken.

Processes involved when paying on a site that accepts Verve card:
- Select to pay online using your Verve card if the option it's available e.g. on Quickteller, Jumia, Konga
- Enter your card number (about 19 digits starting with number 5) printed on the front
- Enter the expiry date printed on the front
- Enter the 4 digit CVV code printed on the back
- Enter your 4 digit card PIN(Same as used on ATM)
- Click the Pay or submit button
- An OTP is sent to your phone by sms
- Enter the 4 digit OTP sent to your phone
- Click the submit button to complete the transaction.

Your Verve card account will be debited while that of the merchant will be credited.

Verve card is very useful in Nigeria as people use it for a lot of things such as paying bills(Utility, Pay TV etc), money transfers, airtime topup and shopping. You can't use in on most foreign websites(in Europe, North America or Asia) except for local websites and merchants in Nigeria.

Re: How to activate and use your Verve card for online transactions Reply by Oye Jossy on Tuesday November 10, 2015 at 22:2:17:

Thanks for your information. kudos to you it is very helpful. God bless you

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