How to get a Mastercard in Nigeria


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Posted by on Wednesday November 21, 2012 at 16:48:2:

If you are in Nigeria and interested in getting a Mastercard, chances are that your bank already offers it in Naira or foreign currencies such as US dollars or British pounds.

Most Mastercard products being offered by Nigerian banks do come as cash backed or prepaid cards such as the ATM debit cards or online payment cards. However, there is also a naira credit Mastercard that allows salary owners to get soft loans from the banks if they setup a salary account.

How do you get a Mastercard in Nigeria?
Well you can do this by simply:

- Walking into your bank
- Request about their Mastercard products
- Apply for a card
- Provide proof of address and valid form of identification e.g. National id card or passport
- Make the required payment if any
- Pick up the card if approved and ready or come back at a later time.

Things you can do with a Mastercard in Nigeria
- Manage your bank account using the ATM
- Pay at POS machines
- Shop and pay on the web
- Load airtime to phone
- Settle bills

Types of Mastercard products available in Nigeria
- Naira Mastercard
- Foreign currency mastercard

Forms of Mastercard products
- Non Personalized: Not linked to your bank account or bears your name and can be picked up same day
- Personalized: Normally attached to a bank account and requires some time for processing and availability.

Features of a Mastercard
- 16 digit card number that starts beginning with the number 5
- It has a 3 numbers at the back

    Re: How to get a Mastercard in Nigeria Reply by I'm J-Kennedy on Thursday August 22, 2013 at 22:8:59:

    Pls, can driver's license be accepted in this level of registration?

    What could be the maximum number of days for this card to arrive?

    Can (5 yrs ago) NEPA bill be proof of address?


    Re: How to get a Mastercard in Nigeria Reply by Felix Okoli on Thursday August 22, 2013 at 22:8:59:

    Driver's license can be accepted.

    It takes bout 2 weeks to get a card

    You need a recent bill and not an old bill as proof of address.

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