How to get a Mastercard debit card at Skye bank


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Posted by on Thursday January 22, 2015 at 8:41:18:

Skye bank is a cool bank in Nigeria that offers card products to customers and this includes cards such as Credit and debit cards which can be powered by Verve, Visa or Mastercard.

If you want to get a personalized Naira Mastercard debit card from Skye bank and you are an existing customer, it's easy but it might only take a week to get it.

All you need to first do is visit the bank and make an application. You can do this by simply going to customer service and ask them to give you a debit card application form or just tell them you want to get a Naira Mastercard. They will give you a debit card application form to fill.

You should fill the debit card application form and you'd need to include details such as your account name, account number, address, phone number, type of card wanted and signature.

Submit the application form to the Skye bank customer service and let them enter it into their records. You would be told that your application has been accepted and it might take about 7 working days to get the card.

Since it's going to be a personalized card i.e. a card that bears your name, they are going to do that for you specially but if it was those instance debit cards that are nameless, it could be collected immediately. Give them a week before coming back to collect your card.

When your card is ready, you are likely going to get an sms notification from Skye bank that your card is ready and you are free to come and collect it from that day.

Just visit the bank, meet with customer service, tell them you want to collect your card. They will check their records, give you the card and PIN sealed in an envelope. You would need to sign a book indicating that you've collected it.

You will also need to activate your card at an ATM center by changing the default PIN to a new 4 digit PIN that is known only to you.

Once your card's PIN has been changed, you can then start using them anywhere that Mastercard cards are accepted and this includes ATMs, POS terminals and even several online shopping websites.

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