How to add and link a Naira card to your Paypal Nigeria account


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To start making payments with your Paypal Nigeria account, you need to at least add a card to your account and then confirm the card. With Paypal, confirming your card requires that you accept a temporary charge of about N320($1.95) on your account so that you'll be able to receive a 4 digit code to confirm your account and payment card.

How to do it
- Go to
- Click on Profile > Add Credit/Debit cards
- Click on the button that says Add a card
- Select your card type e.g. Visa or Mastercard since they are the only brands available in Nigeria
- Enter your card number
- Also choose the expiration date as it is printed on your Naira card
- Enter the 3 digit Card Verification Number printed at the back of your card e.g. 419
- Enter your billing address. It should be the same address with which you got the card from the bank.
- Click on the button that says Add Card

- If successful, you'll get a feedback message saying "You have successfully added a credit card. Please note that adding a credit card does not automatically make it your primary card (unless this is your only credit card)."

- Click on the button that says link and confirm card. This will authorize Paypal Nigeria to make a charge of about $1.95 on your card and will also include some Paypal codes in the transaction details.

- Click on the continue button

- You'll get a feedback messages saying "We charged $1.95 USD or equivalent to your MasterCard x-2372 card to make sure it's yours. The charge creates a unique 4-digit code that will show up on your card statement within a few days".

Paypal will later charge your card and you'll see it in your bank account transaction details and also by alert either by sms or email if you have subscribed for alerts on those channels. The transaction details will be in the format PP*0807CODE and you'll be able to use the code to confirm your Paypal account by logging into your account and clicking on confirm card.

Once your card has been successfully linked to Paypal and confirmed for once, you will be able to use it to send Paypal payments always as long as the card is active and working with your bank, just like a normal ATM. Using Naira cards for making Paypal payments in Nigeria is like using a POS machine but in cyberspace.

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