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Posted by on Friday August 29, 2014 at 11:3:52:

The Apple iTunes store is a cool website where you can find thousands of mp3 songs from your favourite musicians. In the past, online stores owned by Apple were only exclusive to US residents and Nigerians were not able to buy digital content from iTunes. Now, it seems iTunes has also opened to Nigerians and they can buy music straight from the store without the need for a US billing address or bank issued card.

What I've noticed lately is that one can also buy songs from the iTunes store even if you are in Nigeria and using a Nigeria issued Visa card but I don't think Naira cards are activated by default. I initially tried adding my Visa Naira debit card to my apple account after signing up for iTunes but it was rejected until I added my Zenith bank Prepaid Visa card which was in USD and that was accepted.

I've already purchased about 2 songs on the iTunes store after downloading and installing iTunes to my computer. I have to say this is a bit much better than buying songs on Amazon from Nigeria. Amazon requires one to make use of a US issued credit card and IP before buying from them but iTunes is already open to us.

If you use Apple products like iTunes, iPhone or iPad, you are now able to buy digital content from the iTunes store and pay with your Nigerian issued debit/credit card. If your card is not accepted, it may be because your bank has not activated it for iTunes and may be blocking it. You just need to contact your bank to activate it for you or simply just get a Zenith bank Visa USD card like I did.

Once you are signed up for apple, you just need to include your card details and Nigerian address in the billing details and you'd be able to buy mp3 songs from the iTunes store anytime you want.

iTunes also allows users to buy songs online not just for themselves but for others as well by allowing them to send it as a gift to other people using their email address.

Links to some cool Nigerian songs on iTunes
Eminado (feat. Don Jazzy)

Dorobucci by Mavins

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