How to Shield Your PIN Number at ATMs


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Posted by on Tuesday February 5, 2013 at 10:33:39:

Over the last five years, ATM scams have been reported with increasing frequency. The methods the fraudsters are using have become craftier yet complex. It is very important that people who use these machines are at alert when using it. One method scammerís use is to mount tiny cameras or videos to the top of the ATM machines to read peopleís number. They may not be able to have oneís bank card, but the intelligent ones can produce replicas of bank cards using magnetic strips. In some areas, fake pin pads have been discovered. In this case, the fraudsters place the fake pads on top of the real ones, which, which stores up the pin data and can be removed later.

It is a common experience, for cash machine to steal oneís card while trying to make withdrawal or check account balance. One need to take note as this could be the result of ATM scamming known as card trapping. The fraudsters simply insert a thin sleeve into the card slot in order to trap cards. It is better not to walk away from the cash machine when there is such occurrence. Make report to the bank or the police.

Always check the machines before using it, check for anything suspicious looking, and report to the police. Be cautious when people surrounds you or stand close to you at ATMs.

Do not allow stranger help you remove a confiscated card and always shield the pin pad when entering your pin number .You can do this with your hand or handbag so that it cannot be seen by any hidden cameras .You can also make purchase online, of specially designed pin shields.

On a better note, try and always make use of the cash machines available in banks themselves, which are much more difficult for scammers to access and manipulate.

With this article, I strongly believe you can make transasctions via ATMs successfully without anyone hacking your pin number.

    Re: How to Shield Your PIN Number at ATMs Reply by Eniola on Monday April 14, 2014 at 21:27:12:

    When wil d atm cad 4 gtb be out afta 4 wiks...#am tayad of this o

    Re: How to Shield Your PIN Number at ATMs Reply by Felix Okoli on Monday April 14, 2014 at 21:27:12:

    It should have been out after 2 weeks. Have you tried visiting your bank again and telling them that it is already 4 weeks. You can also call them on phone.

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