How to activate your ATM card


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By default most ATM cards issued by banks don't come activated meaning that you can't use them for making transactions yet until you have activated them

After making an application for an ATM card, you will be notified when it is ready and be issued with the card and the PIN.

You will be given instructions on how to use it and activate it.

How to activate it
Activating it simply involves changing your default PIN to a new PIN you prefer. Just making use of the PIN change button on an ATM will simply activate your card. If there is any other option of activating your card, your bank would instruct you.

In order to activate your ATM card by PIN changing, then simply slot your card in the box when it asks you to, enter your default PIN, select PIN change, enter a new PIN or the same PIN if you prefer, confirm it and it is changed. Afterwards, your card would have been activated for use henceforth.

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Excellent guideline .
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thanks for your useful guide

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