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Posted by on Tuesday January 13, 2015 at 9:47:39:

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I recently wrote about a GTBank ATM that I saw at a GTEXpress outlet but then I hadn't used it yet and so couldn't share on how it really works.

I have been able to deposit money in the GTbank ATM and just want to share with your guys on how it works. Imagine going to a bank without having to see any human being but just machines at work. It makes the service easier to use and saves time for bank customers like me.

One thing to note is that the one I used doesn't accept cash deposits into other bank accounts but it's designed to receive cash deposits into GTBank accounts only. I tried using it to deposit for other banks but it came back with an error saying invalid NUBAN account selected. It was only successful after I used a proper GTbank account number.

This ATM doesn't also need you to have an ATM card as the cash deposit is a cardless service.

Things needed:
- Cash
- Account number
- Registered phone number

How to deposit to the ATM
- Press Enter button to tell the machine you are there
- Press the Deposit cash button
- Enter 0000 and press the Proceed button
- Read and agree to the terms of service by pressing the agree button
- Enter your 10 digit GTbank NUBAN number
- Enter your registered phone number
- The cash port opens, put your cash there for the machine to collect it.
- Confirm the cash details and press the deposit button.
- Confirm your account details and account name by pressing the proceed button else press cancel to correct it
- Allow the transaction to process for sometime
- If successful, it says Transaction Complete
- Collect your receipt.

Your GTbank account will be credited almost immediately.

I hear some other banks like UBA and First bank also have this kind of machine but I've not seen them anywhere.

ATMs like this one are good but the problem is that there are only few of them available and so you normally see people crowd there most of the time. The only time I had chance to deposit was on Sunday just after church.

I think I prefer this kind of ATM than the GTbank teller I always go to where there is normally a long queue. It's going to be a long time before I step into any GTbank hall again to deposit money before a human cashier. I now prefer machines!


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