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Posted by on Thursday January 22, 2015 at 10:50:45:

One of the things Nigerian banks now do each time someone logs into their bank account using the internet is by sending an email to them notifying them that they've just logged into their account.

If you are a person who already uses internet banking services and have actually logged into your account, you will not be bothered about the fact that your bank sent you a notification afterwards but if you have not logged in for that day and yet recieved an email from First bank, you will be worried and would want to visit your account as soon as possible to prevent that person from stealing your money.

Well, this is the new tactics hackers and internet thieves now use to steal bank customer information as they first of all send an email making the bank customer believe that his/her account has just been hacked.

If you are an internet banking customer with First bank and just received an email supposedly from First bank that your account has been logged into when you are not the person, don't be in a hurry and don't click on any links that came with that email because it might be a hacking attempt.

You can first of all try to see if the email came from first bank and you can do this by trying to reply the email. You might see the recipient's email address as something else other than It could be something kike or something like that but not which is the official domain from which First bank Nigeria sends their email to customers.

Secondly, read the body of the email. If there are links that came with the email, it could lead to a fake First Bank Nigeria website that would require you to enter your username and password. Don't click on any link in your email or enter your password on any link that you clicked from your email. If you looked more carefully, you will see that the website address that opened is not at a https secure website. the link shown on your email could be correct with that of first bank but when you click on it, it will open another url or link that is not at or other official First Bank Nigeria website.

Those are the 2 main ways I know you can check first if an email came from First ban if you are an account holder with them. So before you call your bank or get worried that someone just logged into your account, try to check the sender's email and website address they are trying to send you to.

Many Nigerians have received emails like this and have made the mistake of giving out their passwords to other people. Truth is, if one doesn't understand internet security well, then it's not recommended to even sign up for internet banking so that you don't lose your millions. Deal only with services you can handle with your bank and forget the ones that are confusing. It's better to Stay safe than sorry.

Re: First bank email scam: Login Alert Reply by jofoye on Monday February 9, 2015 at 16:53:8:

hopefully am getting it

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