When last did you meet with a human being at your bank?


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Posted by on Tuesday December 8, 2015 at 15:37:17:

I can't remember when last I went to my bank to meet a human being. Ok, I guess it's today and I only spent less than 2 minutes because I wanted to deposit a cheque at my bank and it's a service which banks machines can't do for me now. Apart from today, it's actually been like up to 4 weeks since I last visited my bank and met with a human being. It's because I make use of ATMs and online banking for my payments and withdrawals.

In the past, it used to be practically impossible to do bank transactions in Nigeria without physically visiting your bank and meeting with human beings but nowadays it's possible because you can do all your transactions with machines and still get about the same service.

When I want to make cash payments into my bank account, I can visit my bank's ATM center anytime such as in the night, early morning or at weekends and just pay the money to the machines thank's to Automated express banking services which Nigerian banks now offer. When I also want to make withdrawals, I make use of my ATM debit card to make withdrawals easily without having to ask a human teller to pay me.

If I had my way, I would also prefer paying in cheques into ATMs rather than having to visit the bank on working days but in Nigeria, ATMs that accept bank cheques are not yet available.

If I want to check my bank statement, I make use of my internet banking service or mobile banking app. I can also use them for making transfers to other people's account as well as confirming payments made into my account. Nowadays, people can even open bank accounts online in Nigeria without the need to physically visit a bank.

When I have problems with my banking transactions and I want to make a complaint for it to be rectified, I can contact my bank through their official email address or phone number and they normally provide a solution. In the old days, you have to visit your bank many times just to complain to customer service as well as follow it up.

Based on my experience, do I prefer machines to humans at my bank? Well, I would say yes because human beings get tired and frustrated at times that they even start giving you a bad service even though it's your money they are holding. Bank Machines save your time and don't get too emotional when they are offering you a service at the bank.

I don't go to my bank because I want to meet people or socialize but I go there because I want a service. If I can get that service without having to be delayed or served by frustrated bank workers, I would be ok. I see a future in Nigeria's banking industry where many bank workers would be laid off because banks would try to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction by replacing humans with automated banking services through the use of smart machines.

I'm happy with the way banking services are improving in Nigeria but I still remember those old days when you'd have to stand in a long queue at your bank just to deposit or withdraw your own money and you could stay there for hours. It was pitiable and I pity those Nigerians who still use that old method. Don't waste time and energy at your bank when you can get a better service else where. Nowadays, I can do banking in Nigeria more conveniently thanks to automated and online banking.

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